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Realizing the power of human connection is only possible because of the community who are committed to make a difference.

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Byron Chan, Co-CEO | Kindred

Sarah Bennett

Sarah Bennett volunteers at Kindred through the Families Together program. Read more about Sarah, her growth through volunteering, and her experience with Families Together.

Jessica Cope Williams, Co-CEO

Flora and Vanessa

Flora and Vanessa are sisters making a difference at Kindred through volunteering with Families Together. Read more about Flora, Vanessa, and their impact on the program.

Wendi Campbell<br />
Director, Early Parenthood & Infant Mental Health

Bruce Roberts

Bruce Roberts is a volunteer with the Never Too Late Program. Read more about Bruce, how he got involved, and his thoughts on volunteering at Kindred Connections Society.

Melanie Grylls<br />
Director, Early Parenthood & Infant Mental Health

Deanne Fairfield

Deanne Fairfield and her family have been incredible supporters of the Never Too Late program since 2018. Read more about Deanne and how she is changing lives for students in Never Too Late.