UP & Away Charity Gala

The UP & Away Gala is one of our most important nights of the year and our biggest opportunity to raise funds and awareness for our organization. We are still in awe from the support and commitment that you shared with us that evening.

We are honoured and humbled to have raised over $435,000 in support of Kindred programs and services. The trickle-down impact your contribution will have on the community members we serve is truly a gift.

The wheels are already turning on next year’s Gala and we want you to hold the date to join us on…

MAY 2, 2024

Countdown to the 2024 UP & Away Charity Gala








Because of my growth through my time at Louise Dean Centre I don’t worry what my family dynamic will be. I feel positive and confident when I say I am ready for what life throws at me next, I am prepared to face challenges, break cycles and build more positive connections as life goes forward. My family will have a future we are proud of and I can be the me I want my son to see.

Summer Bergmann

LDC Student


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