Volunteer Profile

Sarah Bennett

There are experiences in your life that help shape who you want to be and how you want to help, and for Sarah Bennett, a practicum helped forge the path for both. 

Sarah, a budding social worker, began her journey as a practicum student at Kindred Connections Society (Kindred) as part of the Never Too Late program. 

Throughout her time at the organization, she felt a strong sense of connection that led her to want to volunteer after completing her practicum.  

“I already knew that I loved the agency, believed in what they stood for and saw the difference they were making in the community,” says Bennett.  

After seeing an advertisement seeking volunteers for Kindred’s Families Together program, she felt it was a great chance to continue to be involved. 


Families Together aims to strengthen family resiliency, empower parents/caregivers, and build connections through fun and educational activities. The program helps reduce family stress, increase family connection, and develops connections to other families and community, all while having fun. 

For Sarah, volunteering has been a rewarding experience in many facets including making connections outside of her current full-time role as a social worker. 

Each week she is able to work with program leaders and other volunteers to build positive relationships that reflected strongly on the clients. 

“The program leaders came so well prepared each week with activities that are engaging and thoughtful and made tough conversations and topics so approachable,” said Bennett. 

Teamwork and leadership are two key aspects that parallel Sarah’s volunteer experience, stating that she is given the opportunity to hone her skills through developing her ow ideas for the programming and being given the opportunity to facilitate them with the group. 

“I believe that my volunteer time brings positivity, inspiration, dependability and fun times to programming and families,” said Bennett. “Families grow to build relationships with the volunteers and we are a happy face each week they can depend on seeing.” 

National Volunteer Week celebrates volunteers and here at Kindred, we could not deliver the programs and services we do without the effort of our wonderful volunteers.  

Throughout the week we will be profiling some of the individuals who are helping us realize the power of human connection.  

“I would encourage others to step outside of their normal routine and create connections with all different members of your community,” exclaimed Bennett. “It is an organization that values every single person equally no matter what role you are in and make it known their appreciation for volunteers and the time they give to the agency. I truly feel that I am a part of the Kindred family.” 

Learn more about Kindred and our programs at www.kindred.ca and if you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer visit: www.kindred.ca/volunteer