Volunteer Profile

Flora and Vanessa

Families Together couldn’t summarize the volunteer experience more for sisters Flora and Vanessa who started volunteering together with the program in 2022. 

Flora and Vanessa joined and their warm, welcoming presence was felt immediately, helping navigate the first ever in-person version of the program. 

“When I joined the Families Together program, my goal was to improve my communication and people skills,” said Vanessa. “The program sets up a relaxing atmosphere, so I became comfortable conversing with the kids and their parents almost instantly.” 

Families Together aims to strengthen family resiliency, empower parents/caregivers, and build connections through fun and educational activities. The program helps reduce family stress, increase family connection, and develops connections to other families and community, all while having fun.

“These people hold a special place within me and through the nine weeks have seen me grow and become more comfortable with them and the environment,” said Flora.

For both Flora and Vanessa, the program allowed them to develop leadership and communication skills while building connections with the families and other volunteers involved.  

The two were able to teach topics in an engaging way, while learning new techniques to support the learning process for families, especially the kids.

“The activities helped me to become more patient and experienced in working with children,” said Vanessa. “I was nervous at the beginning that I wouldn’t be able to guide and help the families with the activities, but I was surprised at how comfortable and easy it was near the end.” 

The foundation of Families Together allows volunteers to realize the power of human connection first-hand working alongside clients through activities that are designed to educate participants. 

“What is held dear to my heart is when one of them asked if we would come back to do the program again, I almost cried and realized I did have a connection with them,” said Flora.  

National Volunteer Week celebrates volunteers and here at Kindred, we could not deliver the programs and services we do without the effort of our wonderful volunteers.  

Throughout the week we will be profiling some of the individuals who are helping us realize the power of human connection.  

“There’s so much to gain from the program and there’s room to learn about yourself and what it means to be closer to your family or to others in general,” said Vanessa. “I’ll never forget the experience I had with the families together program since everyone was always happy and ready to do every activity!” 

Learn more about Kindred and our programs at www.kindred.ca and if you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer visit: www.kindred.ca/volunteer