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Corporate Engagement

The power of human connection knows no bounds. It can heal wounds, lift spirits, transcend our highest hopes and save lives. It enables us to believe that who we are is enough. We all deserve this connection.

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Forging connections with a nonprofit agency that aligns with your mission helps achieve organizational goals while empowering your team members to become more socially responsible. At Kindred, we understand how important building meaningful connections are within the workplace.

Not only do our corporate partners help thousands of Albertans realize the power of human connection by raising funds and donating supplies, they also enjoy great team building opportunities. Working as a team to help others has a lasting impact on your relationships with your co-workers, and on the lives of those we serve. We have several opportunities to choose from to elevate your company’s philanthropic mission.

Corporate Engagements can include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Giving: Align your donations by setting up a matching program for employees, gift a portion of your proceeds from services, or host a fundraiser to support the program that best reflects your company values, commitment, and social impact strategy.
  • Employee Engagement: Strengthen teams by volunteering as a group, or request a Kindred webinar, led by one of our mental health professionals, to help boost your current employee mental health and well-being strategies.
  • What is meaningful to you and your team? We are open to your creative ideas on how we can partner together in realizing the power of human connection.

To explore ways on how your corporation can partner with Kindred to make positive social change, please contact our Community Relations Coordinator, Loana Valdez.


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