What Shapes Us

Kindred was originally founded in 1957 on the belief that all Calgarians, regardless of where they come from, where they pray, who they love or how much money they have, deserve access to high quality, affordable counselling.

Kindred | Serving the Community for over 65 years

This belief is alive and well today and while the organization has evolved considerably since 1957, the reverence we have for those we serve remains at the core of who we are. For 65 years we have served our community with belonging and connection at the core of our purpose. We are proud of our history and grateful for all who came before us. As we look to the future, we are reinforcing our long-standing commitment to realize the power of human connection.

Kindred means one’s family and relations with a sense of warmth, of home, and of belonging. A family could be nuclear or chosen, while relationships are enduring commitments made over time to provide for the well-being of one another. Kindred reflects the most important and foundational type of relationship in a person’s life – the powerful connections that are essential for health and well-being.

The future of our agency continues to be shaped by our community and those we serve. You will see this in our strategic plan that was released in 2023 and outlines our 5-year plan as an organization. Click here to read the full strategic plan.


Realize the power of human connection


Our core values are our moral code. These are the values we stand for, believe in, and won’t compromise on. They are the guardrails that keep us on the right path to fulfill our purpose. Our values are not buzzwords. They serve as the guide for how we behave and interact with others, and how we make decisions together.


We genuinely care for each other, our clients and our community.

Compassion is a driving force for our work and how we show our humanity.

We understand that we all have a story and carry the scars and the complexity of it with us.

We respect and appreciate each other, our clients and those we collaborate with.

Our compassion leads to true understanding and trustful connections where people feel validated and safe to be themselves, voice their opinions and pursue new possibilities.


Courage is where creativity, innovation and belonging stem from.

We need courage to lead as much as we do to seek help, to allow ourselves to be authentic and vulnerable, to be curious and take risks.

It takes courage to acknowledge our failures and maintain belief in ourselves to pursue our ambitions.

Courage is the force that moves us towards our goals even when we’re faced with doubts and fear. It equips us to pursue unchartered paths rather than accept status quo.


Excellence is not a destination. Rather, it is a relentless and ongoing pursuit of our purpose.

Our pursuit of excellence is not attached to prestige or ego, nor is it the expectation of perfection. Instead, it is exemplified through embodying humility and embracing a growth mindset to do the best we can for one another and those that we serve.

We hold ourselves and each other accountable, and we know we can count on one another. We do things right even when it is the hardest path to follow.


All that we do is filtered through the lens of family because family, either nuclear or chosen, is the most important relationship in a person’s life.

Understanding what is meant by family requires a focus not on bloodlines or DNA but, rather, on what families do. Family is a relationship that endures over time, through which a responsible commitment has been made to provide for the well-being of another.

Our commitment to help people create and strengthen family, to learn the skills and capacity to love and be loved, is based on the conviction that the no one can be understood and served in isolation, but only in the context of the support system that surrounds them.

It is through our work with families that we can help break the cycle and have the greatest impact.


Humility is the belief that we can achieve much more together than we could possibly on our own.

It requires acknowledging the gaps in our knowledge and capabilities and valuing the opinions and perspectives of others.

It is a commitment to learn and a continuous striving to be better. It is how we deliver on the promise to always do the best we can.

Humility is a key ingredient in positive, supportive relationships, and in highly effective teams.

Our Story

The Power of Human Connection

We’re born to be nurtured. We’re created to be connected.  Connection to others is our source of strength, how we create meaning and where we find belonging. We need connection as we need air to breathe.

The search for a place where we truly belong is the most important quest of our lives. There’s a difference between belonging and fitting in. Fitting in is being accepted for being like everyone else. Belonging is being accepted for who you are.

We go through life seeking to belong but, too often, settle for fitting in, hiding and suppressing the parts of ourselves that don’t conform. It’s exhausting and soul-crushing, yet less painful than being alone.

Family should be the place we experience this most intimate form of connection. But just because we are born into a family does not mean it will feel like one. Our family may not love us, not accept us for who we are, or make us feel like we don’t matter. Brokenness in and between those we love the most is excruciating. We may try to deny or numb this pain, only to find we pass it on to those around us.

The power of human connection knows no bounds. It can heal wounds, lift spirits, transcend our highest hopes and save lives. 
Strengthening relationships with family. Working on personal goals and relationships. Gaining knowledge and skills as a new parent.

Love and belonging don’t just happen; we must forge them. Our capacity to love may be innate but understanding how to love is something we need to learn.

How do we learn to love if we never witnessed it?

How do we handle the terrifying joy and the unbearable responsibility that it is to be a parent?

How do we forge love and belonging with those who need us in their lives as much as we need them?

We may not be able to choose our family, but we must choose to be in family.

We must care for one another, have the courage to be vulnerable, and brave the fear of love and loss that comes with true connection.

The power of human connection knows no bounds. It can heal wounds, lift spirits, transcend our highest hopes and save lives. It enables us to believe that who we are is enough.

We all deserve this connection. And, together, we can realize it.

Our Intended Impact

Kindred believes that connection is a universal human need. Consistent with that belief, our services for individuals and families are open to all.

The circumstances for each person we serve will be unique. Our approach recognizes the interplay between three critical conditions for connection:

  • Strong relationships between children and caregivers
  • Healing for and from ruptured relationships
  • Capacity and confidence in relationship with self and others

Led by those we serve, we stabilize and improve mental health and strengthen family functioning. We deliver services in Calgary, and expand within Alberta where our specialized skills and knowledge are uniquely suited to achieve these outcomes.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Belonging with Kindred

The need for human connection is universal. At Kindred, we believe that everyone deserves to experience belonging regardless of where you come from, who you love, how much money you have or how you choose to pray. By embracing diversity of culture, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and thought, Kindred is committed to ensuring there is space for you. Kindred approaches its diversity, equity, and inclusion journey with curiosity and humility. We commit to creating a safe and inclusive environment for our staff, clients and anyone we have the privilege of being in connection with.


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