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5 For Humanity

5 for Humanity is our annual giving campaign, raising funds and awareness for the many ways our programs and services stabilize and improve mental health for Albertans.

What began as a way for Unlocking Potential (UP) Foundation board member Darren Radies — in partnership with Fairfield Watson — to give back to our community after a medical scare, has evolved into our annual giving campaign. You can help realize the power of human connection by contributing your 5 for Humanity, $5, $50, $500, $5000, $50,000 or any amount that is meaningful to you

Our goal is to raise $175,000 and to get there we will need your help! The thermometer below represents our total raised (including offline donations that cannot be represented on our donation site). To help us reach this goal tap the button below to make your donation.



2 donations will provide counselors with a stocked play therapy travel kit


provides a year of supplies for 5 Families Together groups


provides 40 rapid access counselling sessions

One of Kindred’s programs, Family Functional Therapy (FFT), realizes the power of human connection through counselling sessions for families of youth that are dealing with complex challenges. The goal of the program is to increase family functioning and relationships by addressing parental and youth mental health, strengthening connections, and improving adolescent behaviours. The Stall family (name changed to protect privacy) recently accessed the FFT program and halfway into the program have noticed significant improvement in their relationships.

The Stall family (name changed to protect client’s privacy) started FFT counselling because their daughter Sharon’s anxiety had been impacting her to a point where she completely stopped attending school. This had led to conflict in the family, as her parents tried to support but their attempts were often met with resistance and frustration. Through FFT, the family has found new ways to connect with Sharon and reduce her anxiety to a point where she is back in school full time. FFT has allowed the Stalls to see each other and their situation in a different light, creating hope for their future.  This is one of the reasons FFT is so meaningful to families.

Do you want to partner with us in stabilizing and improving the mental health of Albertans like the Stall family? Join us in Realizing the Power of Human Connection by contributing your 5 for Humanity by clicking here to donate. With your support, we have an opportunity to reach new heights in providing access to mental health programs and services.

If you want to continue your support throughout the year, please consider becoming a monthly donor, click here and select recurring donation.

Thank you for continuing to support us in our commitment to investing in the special bond between children and those that care for them, providing road maps toward healing when essential relationships are ruptured, and ensuring timely mental health supports are available when needed.

If you, or someone you care about, need access to timely mental health supports, please reach out to us at 403.233.2360 or email or book a Rapid Access Counselling session through