5 For Humanity

Changing lives by ‘Giving Your 5’

Giving season marks the launch of Kindred’s most important fundraising campaign 5 For Humanity! 

5 for Humanity was created following a medical scare experienced by our former board member Darren Radies. Alongside his positive health outcome, Darren was inspired to make a difference because in his words, “…time is precious and family is sacred.” Darren gifted $5,000, championed building relationships between and within families and challenged his network to donate $5, $50, $500 or $5,000.

During our annual giving season, we need your help to reach our goal! The thermometer below represents our total raised (including offline donations that cannot be represented on our donation site). To help us, tap the button below to make your donation.



2 donations will provide counselors with a stocked play therapy travel kit


provides a year of supplies for 5 Families Together groups


provides 40 rapid access counselling sessions

In 2023, we worked with Calgarians to address the youth mental health crisis by bringing meaningful and accessible services right to families. One way Kindred does this is by offering many services directly in schools, like the Refugee & Immigrant Counselling in Schools program, which presents a way to connect with youth and their families in a familiar environment that is close to home. These students face all the complex issues teens today are managing – anxiety, suicidal thoughts, lack of acceptance, all while adapting to a new culture. Your support will bring mental health services closer to newcomer and immigrant youth, and their families.

The Refugee & Immigrant Counselling in Schools program supported a student experiencing suicidal thoughts. Through our work together, the student enacted a safety plan and utilized their natural supports to rally around them. These connections restored a relationship with a closer family member for support. Through program engagement and connecting to those who mean the most, the student no longer experiences thoughts of suicide.

For more information, please contact Loana Valdez at (403) 612-4026 or loana.valdez@kindred.ca.

With your support, we have an opportunity to reach new heights in providing access to mental health programs and services. If you want to continue your support throughout the year, please consider becoming a monthly donor, click here and select recurring donation.

Thank you for your continued support in our commitment to invest in the special bond between children and those who care for them, provide road maps toward healing when essential relationships are ruptured, and ensuring timely mental health supports are available when needed.

If you, or someone you care about, need access to timely mental health supports, please reach out to us at 403.233.2360, email intake@kindred.ca or book a Rapid Access Counselling session through www.communityconnectyyc.ca.