3B Boost

A boost is an act that brings help or encouragement and by participating in our 3B Boost campaign you can provide a boost to those in need.

From August 28-September 17 you can help stock our shelves with items that our community desperately needs. Will you help us restock? We’ve organized these needs into three BIG categories: babies, basics and back to school.

At Kindred we,

  • invest in the special bond between children and those that care for them,
  • we provide road maps toward healing when essential relationships are ruptured,
  • and we understand that accessing timely mental health support can inspire confidence with self and others.

Gather friends, family and co-workers to purchase items from our Wish List. We can arrange a drop off time once your shopping is done.

If you’d like, you can also shop online and have supplies directly delivered to Kindred by making purchases from our Amazon Wish List.



You’re just one click away from supporting the 3B Boost Campaign.

At Kindred, we’re convinced the key to living well is healthy relationships with self, family, and others. A boost at the right time can make healthy human connection possible, and together we can realize it.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our clients and their needs!